Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Bikram break...

Through no fault of my own (I swear it should be a mandatory requirement for all cities to have a Bikram studio) I am being forced to take a Bikram holiday, and it sucks! I've gone home to see my parents for 10 days and this city does not have a bikram studio. Boohoo. It's funny because during my challenge I kept on thinking 'once you finish this you can take a looooonnnng break', but now the challenge has been and gone I find my body craving this crazy type of yoga even more-does that mean i am official yogi yet?!! I'm thinking about buying the Bikram CD (they have it on itunes) and just practicing at home in the cold (eeek), but i'm still worried im going to undo all my hard work...I guess only time will tell!

Today's class was good. I decided to go to my usual midday class and it was a nice bunch of regulars. I love practicing in class with people I know as I really feel like we work off each others energy. One thing I'm noticing since ending this challenge is the change in my sit up. If I've just done a back stretching posture such as camel I find it almost painful to complete a sit up. I don't know why that is happening, maybe it is just my body realigning itself. I'm also struggling to lock out the knee, especially in tuladandasana which I keep on falling out of. Very frustrating, but something I just need to keep working at. It's weird as the thing I love the most about Bikram-the feeling different during the poses every time you go-is also the thing I find the most frustrating. One day I can totally rock the standing series and the next it is like I am a newbie. Oh well, at least it will never get boring!!


  1. Yup. You're hooked. For sure a true bikram yogini now. It's a good addiction though!

  2. So did you decide to download it? If so, how did that go?

    It may sound insane and I can't believe I'm going to admit this...but, I sometimes listen to the CD as I go to sleep at night! Yup, I'm addicted!

  3. i have trouble with realignment and balance as well.. as my yoga instructor says, "remember, this is a yoga PRACTICE, not PERFECT!" you have your whole life ahead of you to improve. like life, each bikram session is different...knowing this will help you thrive! :)